May 31, 2012 by anonymous

Ms.Kruti is simply amazing! I have been going to her every 2 weeks for 7 years and she has never done a bad job. She is the best! I recommend her to everyone.

May 12, 2013 by anonymous​

​Ms. Kruti was recommended to me by my coworker but I did not consider going there seriously. I assumed that all the threaders do the same job, but I was mistaken- the differences I observed were remarkable..... I am writing this review after going to this salon after about
​7-8 times.... Ever time I have nothing to say. Most consistently the same brows every time. It even hurts less than other places. All in all
I would say you would regret that you had not got your eyebrows done by her until now. Thanks Ms. Kruti, you make me look beautiful...

Sept 27th, 2014 by Markida

Kruti is simply amazing at threading eyebro​w. She does it so consistently the same perfect brows everytime I go to her. AMAAAAAAZIng!!!!!!!!!! Best place to if you are looking for picture perfect brows.... 

Aug 31, 2012 by lyndacole1958

Kruti is an angel, and a perfectionist when threading her customers eyebrows. I have been to several other Eyebrow Threading Salons, and Kruti by far is #1.I would never let anyone else touch a hair on my eyebrow. I love her.So girls if you are ever in Reisterstown MD, you have got to check out Kruti's Salon, you won't regret it!!!!! 

May 11, 2013 by gardnerlindsey4​

My sister in law and I went to Kruti's for the first time today. She did my sister in laws eyebrow threading and they turned out ABSOLUTELY AMAZING. She had thick gorgeouseyebrows to begin with, but after Kruti threaded them, they looked supermodel worthy. Then Kruti turned to me and asked me if I wanted my eyebrows "cleaned up". I had had no intention on getting anything done to my eyebrows because I figured that they were beyond help. I have over plucked them throughout the years and they are to thin. So not only did Kruti thread my eyebrows, she filled them in with a pencil liner that she sells for $3.00. This made all the difference! I walked out with eyebrows that I had definitely not come in with. 

April 2013 by Ateille Lowery

Kruti takes her time and is very detailed in threading. She has mastered the art of eyebrows. I am very particular about my eyebrows because so many people mess them up. This is the only place I go! She is always pleasant and patient when I miss my appointment.

Mar 9, 2012 by Guest96412

I have been going to Kruti for many years. If she goes out of town I wait for her to get back no matter what. She is the best and I have been to several all around town but she is on point every time!!!!!! You have to go

Aug 14, 2010 by Guest50139​

The Best eyebrows you can get, dream of. The Asian lady has magic in her hands. You got to try it to believe this. Amazing......

Mar 25, 2012 by Guest71954​

I love Kruti! She is so down to earth. She is a threading queen! All the others places I've been to, I tend to hurt but she has special powers. ​I drive all the way from Catonsville for her service! Defiantly two thumbs up!

Sep 27, 2010 by anonymous

My eyebrows were such a mess from going from salon to salon until i found Ms. Kruti. She is simply amazing and also gives consistently the best eyebrows i've ever had!!!!! Check her out!

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